Cherish the employees who bring you bad news, says Margaret Heffernan

A Reblog that I think applies to all companies- large or small, public or private.

TED Blog

Margaret Heffernan thinks deeply about what makes businesses work, and her answers are often surprising. At TEDGlobal 2012, she shared why disagreement is vital for innovation. [ted_talkteaser id=1773]In today’s talk, given at TEDxDanubia, Heffernan turns her eye to willful blindness — the fact that people are primed to ignore evidence that something is amiss in their community or workplace. Because of this tendency, Heffernan says that we desperately need people who do speak up so that systematic problems can be fixed.

We asked Heffernan to talk more about the many ways of speaking up. While whistleblowers make the news, she suggests, sometimes it’s the quiet internal voice that can make change. 

Whistleblowers are legendary, the stuff of movies and newspaper headlines. They’re also subject to more misinterpretation and misunderstanding than just about any other group of people I’ve ever studied. Most people think whistleblowers are at least slightly…

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