Are You Addicted to Work?

Business Babble

Work_AddictIt’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve already spent more than 5 hours working on work—things that could have waited until Monday. So I started to think about it: about work, and its impact on me, my family, friends, hobbies, and time. After some self-reflection, I jotted-down a few questions that I’ll pose to you.

  • Do you get more excited about your work than about anything else?
  • Do you work in bed? While eating? On weekends? On vacation?
  • Do you consistently work more than 40 hours a week?
  • Do you talk about work more than anything else?
  • Have family and friends stopped asking you to join them for social activities?
  • Do you worry about the future even when things are going well?
  • Do you get annoyed when people ask you to stop working in order to do something else?
  • Has your focus on work put a strain on your family or other…

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