Career Advice from Breaking Bad

Nothing Rhymes With Audrey

I’m not saying you should become a meth lord but the show does have valuable career advice. Check out this article from Brazen: Breaking Bad Career Advice

Brazen Career Lessons From Breaking Bad

by Brazen Life

Say what you will of Breaking Bad’s protagonist Walter White—and there’s plenty to say. He’s a ruthless, sociopathic meth lord whose quest for power has wrought death and destruction we’ve yet to see the end of.

But he’s also one hell of a businessman.

Note: If you aren’t currently caught up with your Breaking Bad episodes, you may want to come back to this post after you are to avoid any potential spoilers. If you are caught up, and you’ve seen the series’ finale like 5.9 million other fans, let’s indulge our mutual obsession by exploring yet another way to dissect this endlessly intriguing show.

While I’m not suggesting a life of crime…

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