Press Release Guidelines

A reblog from one of our own posts from 2012 that is still relevant in 2014. It is important to understand that there is a certain amount of potential liability associated with what is contained within Press Releases. They should be prepared, reviewed and released very carefully.

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Press Releases are great tools for business to use to announce an exciting event, new product or contract, or to announce earnings.  However,  a public company can be exposed to liability under securities laws is a press release contains any material misstatement or creates a misleading impression.

Management should keep the following in mind when drafting a press release:

1) Accuracy: The company should have someone who is familiar with material occurrences in the company review the release to ensure that the disclosures are accurate. Perhaps a disclosure committee, legal or securities counsel, or another member of management.  Ensure the disclosure matches what is or will be disclosed in the public filings.

2) Forward Looking Statements: The release should include Forward Looking Statements language describing future events. This creates a “safe harbor” that may protect the company from securities laws challenges. The Forward Looking Statements should clearly identify and cite…

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